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June 04, 2018
By Mary Kennedy
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2018 Monthly Snapshot

New Home Permits
April Total 1,047
Year Over Year 28% Increase 

New Home Sales
April 863
Year Over Year 36% Increase

New Home Median Price
April $374,440
Year Over Year 11% Increase

Resale Sales
April 4,373
Year Over Year 9% Increase

Resale Median Price
April $255,000
Year Over Year 12% Increase

More Good News

Regardless of how much money you make: 
Nevada has no personal income tax. 
Nevada has no Business income tax. 
Nevada has no state capital gains tax. 
Nevada has no state inheritance tax. 
And Nevada has one of the ten lowest property taxes in the nation. 

Las Vegas is top of mind for business owners and homeowners who are moving here every day. Consider the tax savings as well as the climate, entertainment, new neighborhoods, great restaurants and shopping, and it's only hours away from skiing and the beach.

Check out this section on Las Vegas business. LAS VEGAS HAS GREAT BUSINESS SERVICES

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Millionaires' Advantage In Nevada

In the USA, there are 10.8 million households that are millionaires. That's 2% of the population.  In 2017, that number increased by 400,000.

Forbes states that there are 400 new millionaires every day in the USA. 

Millionaires want to keep their money and Nevada tax structure lets them do it. 


June 04, 2018
By Mary Kennedy