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October 18, 2018
By Mary Kennedy
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For up-to-the-minute parking information call ...................702-261-5122
From Short Term to Valet, McCarran International Airport has more than 10,800 public parking spaces offering a variety of choices to meet your needs and are open 24/7-365. Reservations are not necessary or available. Facilities are regularly patrolled. Maximum stay is 30 days. If parking in excess of 30 days is necessary, arrangements must be made with the Parking Office at .........702-261-5122
Valet Parking Rates: Min.: $6.00 Each - Additional Hr.: $1.00 - Daily Max: $21.00.............702-261-6999
Short Term Parking Rates: 0 - 15 minutes: $0.00 - Daily Maximum: $36.00
Long Term Parking Rates: 0 - 15 minutes: $0.00 - Daily Maximum: $14.00
Terminal 1 Economy Parking Rates: 0 - 15 minutes: $0.00 - Daily Maximum: $10.00 - 576 Kitty Hawk Way, just off of Paradise Road.
Terminal 3 Surface (Economy) Parking Rates: 0 - 15 min: $0.00 - Daily Maximum: $10.00 Conveniently located adjacent to the Terminal 3 Parking garage
Terminal 1-Remote/Oversized Vehicle Parking Rates Daily Maximum: $15.00
Terminal 3 - Oversized Vehicle Parking Rates Daily Maximum: $10.00
COURTESY SERVICES FREE OF CHARGE: Battery Jump starts, Tire inflations, Lost car searches: ......................................................702-261-5122
Handicap Parking: Located in all parking facilities in close proximity to elevators or shuttle stops.
Express Exit: A fast and easy way to pay for airport parking. Keep your Express Exit Ticket with you is that's your "ticket" to getting out of the parking quickly. Express Exit Pay Stations are bright yellow and are located on Levels 1 and 2, Terminal 1 parking, Level 1, Terminal 3 parking and near all other airport parking areas.
Transportation: Inter-terminal Shuttle Courtesy shuttle service is available to transport you between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Service is provided approximately every 12-15 minutes.
McCarran Rent-A-Car Center: 7135 Gilespie St. 3 miles from airport with easy freeway access to Interstate 15, 215 and the Strip. Open 24 hours, with state-of-the art customer service facilities. Terminal 1: Baggage Claim, follow signs to Ground Transporation (Level 1) to the Rental Car Shuttle, center median outside doors 10 and 11. Terminal 3: Follow signs to Ground Transportation from Baggage Claim, Level Zero. Proceed to the Rental Car, West doors 1-4, East doors 5-8.

October 18, 2018
By Mary Kennedy