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7 Million Out of 50 Million Could Save Money- Are You One of Them?

May 16, 2016
By Mary Kennedy
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It is estimated that 7 million out of 50 million homeowners could save money by refinancing their existing mortgages. Obviously, if the replacement mortgage has a lower rate than your existing one, you will save money.

If you bought a home before 2011 and are paying mortgage insurance, you should investigate refinancing to eliminate that requirement. Even if you don’t get a lower interest rate, the savings could amount to hundreds of dollars a month.

If a home you purchased since 2011 has appreciated enough, it could easily justify refinancing to eliminate the required mortgage insurance.

Mortgage Insurance is a policy that protects mortgage lenders in the event of default by the homeowner. Mortgage insurance is sometimes required as part of a loan agreement facilitated by government agencies. It is paid for by the borrower/mortgagor.

Most loans don’t require mortgage insurance if the loan-to-value is 80% or less. There are some programs for 90% mortgages that don’t require mortgage insurance. It is certainly worth investigating with a trusted mortgage professional.

Continuing to pay mortgage insurance that could be eliminated is like having a broken cell phone and continuing to make the monthly payments for something you can’t use and don’t need.

If your current mortgage is several years old, instead of getting a new 30 year mortgage, you might consider a 15-year term. The money you save with a lower interest rate could help you to retire your loan in a shorter time so that your home would be paid for.

If you don't know of anyone that can help, contact me for a value estimation and if you're at 80% loan to value or lower, I'll get you intouch with one of a mortgage professional that can to help.

May 16, 2016
By Mary Kennedy