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Nevada Energy FREE Offer to Las Vegas Valley Customers

July 25, 2017
By Mary Kennedy
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As an NV Energy Customer, you now qualify for a FREE PowerShift Home Energy Assessment. And with hot summer temperatures weighing on our energy bills, now is a great time to call. Plus, checking the efficiency of your home now can help you save all year long, so don’t wait!

Simply call 888-395-1311 to schedule your FREE assessment. With This Assessment:

1. A PowerShift Energy Advisor will come to your home. Expect that he/she will be there for one hour.

2. He/she will inspect insulation levels, window and door seals, heating and air conditioning, appliances, lighting and more.

3. You’ll learn easy, inexpensive ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, including changing daily habits.

4. You’ll also learn about upgrades that will save you even more energy and money, and rebates that can help cover the costs.

To Request Your Assessment Call 702-919-7125 or visit us online to claim your FREE Home Energy Assessment! 

July 25, 2017
By Mary Kennedy